About Us

What makes us stand out

We pride ourselves on using the best and freshest ingredients. Our fish is supplied daily so that our customers are provided with food that is fresh, healthy and it is guaranteed to have the best supply of omega-3 fatty acids. For our golden & crispy chips, we source the best potatoes that guarantee crispy chips on the outside but nice & fluffy on the inside. These are fried separately from any meat and fish products in the highest quality vegetable oil-free of hydrogenated fats and no GM resulting in a perfect chip, which is perfectly suitable for our Vegan clients. We go through all the efforts required to source as fresh as possible with sustainable producers so that we can give our customers the best quality meal they deserve.

What we believe in

Fish & Chips crosses all social barriers and has always been affordable food for the masses. It’s been a source of comfort and nourishment to every man, woman & child from all walks of life for over many years. Here at Fishers, we believe in freshly-sourced produce, the food is prepared to our traditional recipe resulting in fluffy crispy golden chips and fresh succulent fish. We also sell the nation’s favourite Pukka pies and our popular kid’s meal deals mean we provide our community with a variety of meals for the whole family.

Our sources

We buy only from traceable, sustainable sources. All of the fish comes from Scottish seas, which has some of the healthiest stocks of fish and it is caught by approved boats. These large, mature cod also produce well-sized, high-quality fillets. Our technologically advanced high-efficiency frying ranges to ensure we are able to keep up with demand at busy times due to a fast temperature recovery rate. They conserve energy by using less gas than conventional frying ranges. The oil we use is also filtered regularly to ensure it is consistently clean is a leading brand for the Fish & Chip industry beloved by fryers for generations. Our oil, which is 100% vegetable contains no additives, allergens or hydrogenated oils and less than 1% Trans Fat.

Fishers is cosy with welcoming friendly staff who are attentive and helpful to accommodate your needs. We have talented chefs working in Fishers with over 25 years of experience cooking fresh Fish & Chips.

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Telephone: 020 7371 5555


19 Fulham High Street,
SW6 6JH, London,
United Kingdom
020 7371 5555
Opening Times:
7 days a week open
Monday – Sunday
(Lunch: 12:00-14:00)