Cod and Chips for Christmas Cheer

Christmas is coming to the goose is getting fat and partridges in their pear trees along with the lords of a leaping are all part of Christmas. Above all, at the very heart of the Christmas family must surely be most important. This is the season to be jolly after all and smiling faces are what makes this time of year so special. There are countless ways to make people happy, but one sure way is through good food. Turkey, Christmas pudding and Mince Pies all find their place at Christmas and we all love it. However, if I told you that for under a tenner per person there was something even tastier than Christmas Fare that brings the family together, what would you say?

Fish and Chips has been a family favourite for decades and at Christmas time this filling, tasty and nutritious dish often gets overlooked. Traditional cod and chips cooked the old fashioned way with the crisp golden batter and steaming hot chips bring smiles to faces of all ages. At Fishers Restaurant & Takeaway, we do this better than anyone else does and have been doing so for over a quarter of a century.

Wrapped in paper, the best fish and chips brings joy to faces just like gifts under the tree. The smell, just like the festive smells we all recognize bring a welcome smile to any face. Kids go crazy and love the taste and nan and granddad remember the good ole’ days of real fish and chips. But this is real fish and chips, if our fish were any fresher it would be swimming!  Our chips are cut to the right, chunky size and deep-fried to perfection just for you! We do Fish and Chips properly.

The happiness that comes from a few Christmas carols, some laughter and the lingering taste of salt and vinegar on the best Cod and Chips is quintessentially Christmas. The food may not be what you normally have at this festive time of year but if you truly want a happy family, Fish and Chips from Fishers Restaurant & Takeaway is the answer.

In addition, just like the twelve days of Christmas, Fishers has a variety on its menu. Above and beyond the best Cod and Chips you will ever taste. We also have (grilled/steamed) Plaice, Haddock, Rock and Hake subject to availability and of course the best fish cakes you will ever find. We know there are some of you that don’t like fish and for this reason, we cook the best Vegan food as well, that is what we have been told by some of our customers.

Rumour has it that Father Christmas comes to us out of uniform during his time off, perhaps he gets his “ho hoho” from us too, because our fish and chips are so good. If Father Christmas likes us, then we know you will.  Above all our Fish and Chips is good for you, not only because it is so notorious but mainly because it makes people happy and brings the family together with ease. At Fishers Restaurant & Takeaway, we love to share happiness at this special time of year. We want to make your whole family happy and with us, you can bring them together over the UKs favourite… FISH AND CHIPS!

Happy Christmas, one and all


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