Fish and Chips is The New Christmassy

Here we go again. The Christmas lights hang lit in Oxford Street, silvery and almost magic; the melancholic lyrics of “Last Christmas” pour out from the radios everywhere; rows of chocolate advent calendars and Santa-shaped sweets appear everywhere in supermarket’s aisles…

It’s that time of the year again (Winter is coming!) The festive season has just started, and we feel that we should make the most out of it. But (ah!) with great expectations comes great responsibility. How can we be sure that we’re really going to make the best of this season? (That’s a tough one!)

Well, unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers. But, sure, we know that Fish and Chips is the best way to start!

Here’s a few reasons why…

1 Hot and delicious

No big surprise: winter is cold! It’s also quite dark and damp, and, in the stillness of the long holidays hours, it might break your heart. But here comes our hero to the rescue! Hot, steamy, crunchy, with a buttery tender heart: fish and chips can easily drag you out of your gloomy moods. It’s tradition… it’s sweet childhood nostalgia… it’s simply delicious. We feel that, when it comes to winter food, there’s hardly competition for one of our typical British nights.


Festive season mostly means Christmas and holidays. It’s probably the sweetest time of the year, and we all want to spend it with family and friends. What better way than a tasty meal to share. Just picture this old familiar scene.

Your table is all set up in perfection. An alluring cod shared with the friend next to you (try to get the bigger half!), dips in the centre, vinegar passing from hand to hand, chips drawing trails of steam as you bite them and gesticulate in the Christmassy general chat… how many times before has fish and chips brought you together.

We feel that sometimes you just need the right kind of food to keep the mood up where you want it. Sure, some nights you might really want to impress your guests with your elaborate special pie, or (why not?) your awesome French-fusion cuisine skills; sometimes though you just want to relax and hand over the duty to your favourite take away…

3 Always with you

At your Christmas parties, with friends and family; at your post-office celebrations with the colleagues; in your holiday movie night with the schoolmates; or simply walking around in the chilly park, enjoying the beauty of winter. Fish and chips will be there; it’s simply so portable.

And that’s one of our favourite reasons for loving it. There’s just so much happening in the holidays! Full days of crazy shopping, game and quiz nights with friends, Christmas concerts or musicals, trying to meet everybody to exchange presents… what are we going to bring for dinner? Who’s got time to cook tonight?”So glad, they invented the takeaway”

4 Santa Claus loves it!

No kidding. My uncle Bob is your friendly Santa at Harrods, and he loves to fish and chips! Ok maybe I was kidding. But the point is: everyone loves fish and chips, so (forget about uncle Bob for a moment) wherever Santa may be (somewhere in Lapland?) he’ll probably love it as well, and approve from above with a sympathetic little smile when you eat it. And who doesn’t want to see Santa smile? He’d probably smile anyway (he’s really cool), but you know what they say: a smile is always wide with fish and chips…


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