Fishers Fish and Chips

Although we may never settle the argument over which chip shop came first, we can all agree the humble chippy is a dish loved by its nation. Our own history encompasses over 25 years of experience cooking the highest quality traditional fish & chips, because of this we believe in a simple, traditional approach offering generous portion sizes and a personal, friendly service that is both fast and efficient due to our hi-tech, fast recovery frying ranges. Allowing us to keep up with customer demand during those busy periods. The owners have been in the Traditional Fish and Chips trade for over 25 years (owning more successful branches which all have been recommended by UK’s leading national newspapers, magazines as well BBC for serving high-quality food cooked to perfection).

Fish & Chip Fridays

This time-honoured British tradition stretches back to the Catholic beliefs of not eating meat on a Friday and has slowly been accepted as a tradition in many British households. As with every other day, Monday to Sunday we are open until 10:30 pm, making sure those unfortunate folks working late don’t have to miss out on this time-honoured tradition.

The Smell

Be honest we all get hungry walking past the Chip shop, the aroma of fluffy, fried batter and crisp earthy potatoes really gets your stomach rumbling. In fact, in a recent survey Fish & Chips beat bacon to take the prestigious title of the UK’s favourite smell.

Tell Us Your Views

Whatever your reasons for loving fish and chips we would love to hear about them, why not let us know on Twitter. Simply mention us in a Tweet@Fisherslondon Instagram #Fisherslondon using these hashtags

How Do You Eat Yours?

The Dutch have taken to service our beloved delicacy with mayonnaise, while the Chinese have chosen to eat theirs topped with sugar. From the traditional salt and vinegar to the more Northern chips and gravy we all enjoy our “Chippy Tea” in our own personal way and with chip shops springing up as far away as Australia, people are finding new and exciting ways to enjoy their favourite dish.

Personally, we prefer the more classic salt and vinegar dusted over crispy golden chips.

Have you ever noticed that you can never quite get that chip shop vinegar taste at home? Well, a little known fact is this is because Chip shop’s vinegar is usually made to an in house recipe and is generally kept secret. Just another reason why we think you just can’t beat an Authentic chip shop experience.

The Great British Chip Divide!

It seems that we have a nation divided when it comes to the best way to serve the humble chip, but fear not we have all your bases covered with a wide range of condiments and extras.

In a recent poll conducted by, we found out that:

  • 65% Of Britons opt for traditional salt and vinegar seasoning
  • 43% Prefer a tangy Tomato Ketchup
  • 17% Of Northern England enjoy a rich thick gravy
  • 23% Of the Welsh Community serve their chips with a side of curry
  • 26% Of Londoners take the Dutch approach and eat theirs with Mayonnaise

While it is clear we are divided on how to best serve chips a different bridge has been built with fish and chips being enjoyed across the class divide.

Celebrity Dining

With the Fish and Chip industry market now valued at a whopping £1.2bn, and more than 2000 new chip shops opening within the last decade, celebrity chefs have a new found interest in the dish revamping its image and drawing in a new celebrity crowd.

Long enjoyed by Prime Ministers, Princes and Queens alike our national dish has now garnered support from pop stars like Lady Gaga vowing to make fish, chips and malt vinegar her first meal on her tour to the UK.

At Fishers Restaurant & Takeaway we want to create a more personal experience away from the bright lights of Broadway. We offer a relaxing, cozy environment with warm and welcoming staff. As well as our homely fish and chip shop we also provide events catering services, providing fresh and local Fish and Chips for Birthdays, Corporate Events, Charity & Sporting Events and many more.


In summary, there are so many reasons why Fish and Chips have never gone out of fashion, but in our opinion, one of the major factors of this trend is that Fish and Chip shops are one of the few business types left in the UK to be largely independently owned.

Independent businesses are always fuelled by passion and not profit. In our case, we offer a grassroots chip shop experience with low prices and large portion sizes. So, if you live in London or are just passing through why not come and visit see what we have to offer.

Or if you would like to hire us to cater for your event, please give us a call on 020 7371 5555 or email us for your requirements at

Making now the perfect time to pay us a visit!

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